Terms and Conditions

1. Introduction

1.1. When using and/or visiting any section of golden-slot.pro (hereinafter referred to as the ”Website”) or by registering an account on our website you agree as follows: with the Terms and Conditions, the Privacy Statement, game rules, terms and conditions of any promotions, bonuses and special offers which occur on the Website from time to time. All of the terms and conditions listed above together shall be referred to as "the Terms". Please read these Terms carefully before accepting them. If you do not agree to accept and observe the Terms, please, do not register an account, and/or stop using the website. Further use of the Website will be considered as your acceptance of the Terms. The Terms will come into force on the 1st of September, 2014.

2. Parties

2.1. The services on the site are provided under the license of IAMA N.V., Curacao, founded in the Curacao, fully licensed and regulated by the legislation of that country. Extracts from the Terms containing the words ”us”, ”our”, ”we” or the ”Company” shall relate to IAMA N.V. which you enter into agreement with in accordance with the abovementioned paragraph. Address for your card queries: support@golden-slot.pro.

3. Modifications

3.1. The Company reserves the right to modify, revise, update and amend any Terms for a number of reasons, including commercial, legal reasons (in accordance with new laws or regulations) or reasons related to the customer service. You may find the updated Terms and Conditions and their effective dates on the Website. We will notify the player of any amendments, additions or changes by posting a new update of the Terms on the Website. The player bears responsibility to make sure that he/she is aware of the valid Terms and Conditions. The Company advises the player to check the updates on a regular basis. The Company reserves the right to modify the website procedures, including its software and service rendering procedures as well as to change the requirements necessary to access and use the services in accordance with the valid legislation any time and without prior notice.

3.2. If you do not agree to such changes, you may either stop using the Website, and/or close your account in accordance with paragraph 12 of the Terms. Your further use of any part of the Website after the effective date of such revised Terms will be automatically considered as your acceptance of the revised Terms, including (for the avoidance of doubt) any supplements, removals, substitutions and other changes to the identifying information relating to the Company specified in paragraph 2.1 of the present Terms, regardless of whether you have been notified accordingly or not, and whether you have read such revised Terms or not.

4. Legal requirements

4.1. No one under the age of 18 or the age, which is a legally accepted age for gambling in accordance with the laws of any jurisdiction (”Legally of Age:), may use the website services in any event. A person not legally of age who uses the Website will be considered to be breaching these Terms. The company reserves the right to request document evidence of age at any stage in order to verify that the persons under legal age are not using the website services. The Company may block your account and deny you from using the Services if age evidence is not provided or if the Company suspects that the Service is used by a person which is not legally of age.

4.2. Online gambling may be illegal in some jurisdictions. You understand and accept that the Company is not able to provide you with any legal advice or guarantees with regard to your use of the Website. The company does not state that the website services correspond to the legislation regulations of your jurisdiction.

4.3. The Company has no intent to render you services which contradict with the valid legislation of your jurisdiction. You confirm, guarantee and agree that your use of website services complies with all applicable laws, statutes and regulations. The Company is not responsible for any illegal or unauthorized use of the website services.

4.4. The Company does not permit to register accounts or to make any deposits to the customers located or living in: Australia, France, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Ukraine, United Kingdom, USA, Malta, Afghanistan, North Korea, Sweden, Curaçao, Cyprus. The list of jurisdictions may be changed by the Company without prior notice. You agree that you will not register an account and attempt to use your account if you belong to one of these jurisdictions.

4.5. You bear full responsibility for paying all and any applicable taxes and fees resulting from any payoffs gained from the use of the Website. If payouts are subject to taxes in your jurisdiction, you are required to maintain reporting and report your winnings/losses to the appropriate authorities.

5. Account registration

5.1. In order to use the website services you have to open an account (”Your account”) by specifying your e-mail and entering a password which will be later used for entering the system as well as for accessing some private information, including your name, date of birth and telephone number.

5.2. Your name during registration shall match your true name. To verify the information the Company reserves the right to request a document that proves your identity (including but not limited to copies of your passport/ID card/or any payment cards used). The failure to provide such documentation may result in suspension of the account until such documents are delivered, and/or in final termination of the account if these are not provided.

5.3. You confirm that when registering on our Website you presented true, complete and reliable information about yourself, and you will change this data if such information is changed. Nonfulfillment of this requirement may result in limitations, failure to perform transactions (bonuses, winnings) and/or termination of your account.

5.4. If you have any questions or if in case of any registration problems, please, contact our online support service by sending an e-mail to: support@golden-slot.pro.

5.5. You may only open one account on each of the Website(s) provided by us. All other accounts opened by you on the Website will be deemed Duplicating Accounts. Casino Golden-Slot has a right to suspend and/or terminate any or all your accounts and:

5.5.1. all transactions made from Duplicate Account(s) will be declared void;

5.5.2. all bets or deposits made using Duplicate Account(s) will be returned to you after deducting a 20%-50% fee;

5.5.3. the Company reserves the right to cancel any withdrawals, refunds or bonuses received during the existence of the Duplicating Account(s) in relation to any or all of your Accounts, while all paid out funds during the existence of such Duplicate Account(s) shall be returned to us.

5.6. Only one Account for each household, IP address and computer device is allowed. If two or more users share the same household, IP address and computer device, Casino Golden-Slot must be informed about it by the respective accounts holders.

6. Identity verification; money-laundering protection requirement

6.1. Considering the rights given to you for using the Services, you guarantee, covenant and agree to the following:

6.1.1. your age is at least 18 years or you are of age, which is legally accepted for gambling in accordance with the legislation of your jurisdiction;

6.1.2. you are the lawful owner of the money on your account. All information provided by you to the Company during the registration process or at any time thereafter, including information as part of any payment transaction requiring money depositing, is true, valid, correct and complete and matches the name (names) on the credit/debit card(s) or in other payment accounts that are used to deposit or receive funds on your account;

6.1.3. you are aware that there is a risk of losing your money when gambling by means of the Services on the Website and you are fully responsible for such losses. You agree that you are held fully and solely liable for using the Services and use these Services according to your own choice, at your own discretion and risk. You shall have no claims whatsoever against the Company in relation to your losses;

6.1.4. you fully understand the general methods, rules and procedures of the Services and Internet gambling. You understand that you are responsible for ensuring the details of bets and games are correct. You will not commit any acts that may harm the reputation of the Company.

6.2. By accepting the Terms you give us the right to perform periodic inspections (at our sole discretion), or checks, which may be required by third parties (including regulatory authorities) to confirm your identity and contact details (”Check”).

6.3. During such checks we may restrict the possibility of money withdrawal from your account.

6.4. If any information that you provided to us is false, inaccurate, misleading or otherwise incomplete, it will be in breach of contract, and we reserve the right to terminate your account immediately and/or refuse you the use of Services in addition to other measures we may choose to take in our sole dicretion.

6.5. If we are not able to verify that you are legally of age, we may terminate your account. If we found that you are not legally of age at the moment of gambling:

6.5.1. your account will be terminated;

6.5.2. all transactions made during that time will become void, and all related funds deposited by you will be returned excluding commission fees in the amount of 20% - 50%;

6.5.3. any bets placed by you during this time will be canceled;

6.5.4. any winnings which you have accumulated during that time will be forfeit and you will be required to return us all funds that were withdrawn from your account.

7. Username, password and security

7.1. After your account registration, you shall not disclose (either intentionally or accidentally) your username and password to anyone. If you have lost or forgotten your account details, you may recover your password by clicking on the “Restore Password” link which is located below the login window.

7.2. You are responsible for keeping the confidentiality of your password and you bear responsibility for any and all activities and transactions that occur under your account. You are liable for any incurred losses in your account due to actions of any third parties.

7.3. You agree to immediately notify the Company of any unauthorized access to your account or any other breach of security. You agree to provide the Company with the evidence of such theft or unauthorized use upon its request. The Company shall not be liable for any loss that you may incur as the result of someone using your password or unauthorized access to your account, either with or without your knowledge.

8. Deposits, money placing and withdrawal

8.1. If you want to gamble on the Website, you have to deposit certain funds into the system.

8.2. You confirm and undertake that:

8.2.1. all money that you deposit in your account is untainted by illegality and does not originate from any illegal activity or source;

8.3. The Company does not accept any deposits from third parties, i.e. from friends, relatives, partners and/or spouses. You must make deposits on your balance only from the account/system and/or credit cards which are registered under your name. If during our security checks we discover a breach of this requirement, the Company reserves the right to retain your winnings.

8.4. If a bank transfer for money return to its lawful owner is requested, all bank costs/fees shall be paid by the recipient.

8.5. If you would like to add funds to your account via sms, you are allowed to use only one phone number. You must specify this phone number in your profile. Only a half of the added amount is received on your account. The Company does not allow its users to take loans from cell phone operators that allow this type of service even if the operator offers this kind of service. You cannot make sms-deposits with such sms-loans with a negative balance. Users that do not observe this rule are blacklisted, and their accounts will be blocked without any possibility of withdrawing money.

8.6. In case of suspicious or fraudulent payments, including the use of stolen credit cards and/or any other fraudulent activities (including any chargebacks or other payment reversals), the Company reserves the right to block your account, reverse any processed payouts and recover any winnings. We are entitled to inform any relevant authorities or bodies (including credit reference agencies) of any fraud payments or other unlawful activity. We may employ collection agencies to recover payments. In no event shall the Company be liable for any unauthorized use of credit cards, regardless of whether or not the credit cards were reported to be stolen.

8.7. At any time we may set off any positive balance on your account against any amount due to the Company, including (but not limited to) cases of resettling any bets or wagers pursuant to paragraphs 5.5, 10 (”Collusion, cheating, fraud and criminal activity”) or 15 (”Errors or omissions”).

8.8. You understand and agree that your account is not a bank account and is therefore not insured, guaranteed, sponsored or otherwise protected by any banking or other similar system insurance. No interest is accrued to the money deposited into your account.

8.9. Terms and Conditions of 1-Сlick Service. You agree to pay for all goods and/or services or other additional services you ordered through the website, as well as for any additional expenses (if necessary), including, but not limited to, all possible taxes, fees, etc. You are fully responsible for timely payments related to the Website. A payment service provider only facilitates the payment procedure for the amount indicated by the Website, and a payment service provider is not responsible for paying the aforementioned additional funds/expenses for the user. After clicking “Pay”, the transaction is irrevocably deemed to be processed and executed. By clicking “Pay”, you agree that you will not cancel the payment or request to cancel it. By placing the order on the Website, you confirm and state that you do not violate legislation of any country. Moreover, by accepting these rules (and/or the Terms and Conditions), you, as a сardholder, confirm that you are entitled to use Services offered by the Website. In case you use services of the website offering such specific services as gaming, you make a legally binding declaration that you have reached or surpassed the legal age in your jurisdiction in order to use services provided by the Website. By starting to use the website services, you take a legal responsibility for not breaching the legislation of any country where such service is being used, and confirm that the payment service provider is not responsible for any such unlawful or unauthorized violation. If you agree to use the website services, you understand and accept that processing of any of your payments is executed by the payment service provider, and there is no right of revocation of already purchased goods and/or services or any other opportunities to cancel the payment. If you wish to withdraw from using the Services for your next purchases of goods and/or services or other facilities on the Website, you can do that by using your personal account/profile on the Website. A payment service provider is not responsible for any failure to process the data related to your payment card or for any bank’s refusal to provide authorization of the payment with your payment card. A payment service provider is not responsible for the quality, quantity, price, terms or conditions of any goods and/or services or other facilities offered to you or purchased by you on the Website with your card. When you pay for any Website goods and/or services on the Website, you are first of all bound by the Website Terms and Conditions. Please note that you as the cardholder are solely responsible for paying for all goods and/or services you have ordered through the Website and for any additional expenses/fees that can be applied to such payment. A payment service provider acts only as the executor of the payment in the amount stated by the Website, and it is not responsible for pricing, total prices and/or total sums. In case there is a situation when you do not agree with the aforementioned Terms and Conditions and/or other reasons, we ask you not to proceed with the payment, and, if necessary, directly contact the administrator/customer support of the Website.

8.10. By accepting recurring payments, the Customer authorizes Company to automatically write off transactions from the Customer's card in the selected time intervals and in the amount selected by Customer within the available options. Customer agrees that the payment card specified by him/her for recurring payments to the benefit of the Company is and will be attached to the account of the Customer. The Customer agrees to maintain sufficient balance of his/her card limit (debit or credit card as applicable) to make recurring payments. Customer may cancel the recurring payments option. In this case Customer should contact the casino customer service at support@golden-slot.pro at least 5 (five) banking days prior the next recurring payment. If Customer submits a cancellation request in less than 5 (five) days, the cancellation will take effect only in relation to the next payments, but not the closest recurring payment.

8.11. You may request a money withdrawal from your account at any time, provided that:

8.11.1. all payments transferred into your account were checked for the presence of unacceptable operations, and no payments were nulled or otherwise cancelled;

8.11.2. all control actions specified in section 6, were properly completed.

8.12. When issuing a money withdrawal request the following aspects shall be taken into account:

8.12.1. information in your profile is complete;

8.12.2. funds shall be withdrawn in the same manner you transferred them into your account;

8.12.3. in accordance with MasterCard regulations, in some cases, we cannot return your funds to your MasterCard credit card. If this happens, we must ask you to kindly choose an alternative payment method available on the Website;

8.12.4. A customer shall complete the verification process before the requested withdrawal will be processed. Normally, customer verification consists of, but is not limited to:

a) Identity verification document - a copy or digital photo of customer’s identification document (the page with the photo), such as passport or ID card. Passport series and number must be fully visible on the image.

b) Proof of Address document, and

c) Payment method verification, in case payment method user’s details are not transferred in the call-back.

In case the plastic card was used for depositing, we will require the copies of the front and back sides of the card. The first six and the last four digits of the card number should be visible. Same numbers should be visible on the back side, if they are embossed. Middle numbers and the CVV2 code should always be truncated. We may request a verification of additional documents at any time.

8.12.5. If turnover is insufficient, withdrawals are processed with a 10% fee from the account balance at the moment of creating a withdrawal request, regardless of the payment system that was used to deposit funds into the account. Turnover is not taken into account in the following game sections: ”Jackpots”, ”Videopoker”, ”More”, ”Betting”. Money turnover also isn’t taken into account in the games from sections “Live Casino” and “Tables” in case the value of a bet equals the winning value;

8.12.6. In order for a sports bet to be counted in turnover, it must be calculated as a loss or win, and its coefficient must be higher than 1.5 for single bets, and the coefficient for each outcome higher than 1.5 for combo bets.

8.12.7. The maximum amount of payments per month is 100,000 USD or equivalent value in the currency of the game account. In case the winnings exceed 100,000 USD, the payout is divided into several months.

8.12.8. In case the sum withdrawn exceeds 1000 USD or equivalent value in the currency of the game account, we reserve the right to additional checking of game transactions for the period not exceeding 48 hours.

8.12.9. you thereby agree with the money withdrawal schedule. Withdrawal requests are processed as soon as they are received and are paid out within no more than 24 hours after they have been submitted. The company is not responsible for any delays in payment processing after the withdrawal request was processed by the Company's employees;

8.12.10. If the money was transferred via mobile operator services, its withdrawal is made no earlier than 2-3 weeks after the last receipt of the deposit to your account due to fraud control.

8.13. We may charge a fee in the amount of our own costs for withdrawal of funds that have not been used in play.

8.14. When making a deposit, regardless of payment system, a fee of 1-3% (not more than $10 or the equivalent in your currency) will in some cases be deducted from the amount. When making a withdrawal, regardless of payment system, a fee of 2% (not more than $10 or the equivalent in your currency) will be deducted from the amount.

8.15. The Company reserves the right to introduce and cancel additional fees for replenishment and withdrawal of funds on one-to-one basis, as well as apply individual wagering conditions to your game account, regardless of the status. In case of implementation or cancellation of any such restrictions, the Company undertakes to notify you of this by e-mail within 24 hours after such decision has been made and, at its own discretion, via other means of communication (phone calls, messages, etc).

8.16. By accepting the terms and conditions, you agree that the services are considered fully rendered in accordance with the current situation at the time the funds are credited to your account.

9. Gambling rules and placing bets

9.1. It is your responsibility to ensure that the details of any transaction which you place are correct before confirming the bet.

9.2. The history of your transactions is available by clicking “Cashier” on the Website in the Transaction History section.

9.3. We reserve the right to refuse some part of the entire operation at any moment (at our sole discretion), requested by you via the Website if you have violated the Terms. No transaction shall be considered approved until you receive our confirmation. If you have not received the confirmation that your transaction was completed, please contact our customer support.

9.4. While playing with wagers made using their bonus balance, players are strictly prohibited from delaying a game round until after the wagering requirement for that bonus has been met, and/or they have deposited new funds. This includes all bonus and/or free spin modes and features which may arise as a result of wagers made using the player's bonus balance. When this occurs, the player agrees that their bonus and/or any associated winnings may be voided.

10. Collusion, cheating, fraud and criminal activity

10.1. The following types of activities are forbidden and present significant violation of the Terms:

10.1.1. information disclosure to any third parties;

10.1.2. illegal actions (known as fraud), including the use of harmful software, errors in our software, automated players (also known as ”bots”);

10.1.3. fraud activity for your benefit, including the use of stolen, duplicated or otherwise illegally obtained details of credit or debit cards with the purpose of adding money into your account;

10.1.4. participation in any criminal activity, including money-laundering and any other activity with criminal or legal consequences;

10.1.5. collusion or collusion attempts, and/or intent to participate directly or indirectly in any collusion scheme with another player when gambling on the Website.

10.2. We reserve the right to suspend, revoke or cancel any payments or winnings associated with the bonus money provided by the Company (Points, bonuses, etc.) if we suspect that you are trying to abuse them. It also related to using any strategy or strategies that guarantee earnings both with the use bonus rewards or without it.

10.3. The Company shall take all reasonable efforts to avoid, as well as to detect collusions and their participants; accordingly, respective measures will be taken towards the player at fault. We bear no responsibility for any of losses and damage done to you or to any other player as a result of a collusion, fraud and other illegal operations or deceit, and we shall act in this case at our sole discretion.

10.4. If you suspect that a person practices collusion or performs any fraudulent activity, immediately inform us about it via e-mail.

10.5. We may at any time, without prior notice, terminate your access to any game or games as well as the Services of the Website and block your account if we suspect you of using known winning strategies, fraud or fraudulent activity. In this case, we disclaim the obligation to refund or otherwise compensate you for the money on your account. We also reserve the right to inform the relevant authorities, and you are obliged to cooperate with the Company in the investigation of this situation.

10.6. It is forbidden to use the Services and/or software for any illegal or fraudulent activity, or for any illegal or fraudulent transaction (including money laundering) pursuant to the legislation of your jurisdiction. The Company reserves the right to suspend or block your account and any other accounts owned by you and to withhold the funds at any time. In this case you shall waive any claims against the Company.

11. Other activities prohibited on the Website

11.1. Abusing or aggressive communication style is prohibited; you should not swear, threaten, harass or abuse other players and the Website personnel.

11.2. You shall not download or massively flood the Website with information causing malfunctions, nor shall you take any actions that may affect functioning of the Website, including, but not limited to, releasing or distribution of viruses or any hazardous software. Any bulk mailing or ”spam” is strictly prohibited. You must not interfere or disturb, delete or otherwise alter in any way any information on the Website.

11.3. You agree to use the Website only for personal entertainment purposes, and you are not entitled to copy the Website or any part thereof, in any form without our prior written consent.

11.4. You agree not to crack, attempt to crack and/or to access or otherwise circumvent our security system. If we suspect that you tried or are trying to crack, access or otherwise circumvent our security system or software, we will immediately terminate your access to the website services and block your account; we also reserve the right to report this to respective authorities.

11.5. We bear no responsibility for any losses incurred to you or to the third party caused by failure of informational technology software and hardware as a result of attacks, viruses or other harmful technological materials, when using the Website and/or downloading any materials, and/or any reference links on the Website.

11.6. It is prohibited to sell or transfer accounts to other players and intentionally lose chips for further transfer to another player. Intentional loss of chips takes place when you intentionally lose the game in order to transfer money to another player.

12. Agreement duration and termination

12.1. You may terminate your account (including deleting your username and password) at any time by sending us an e-mail to support@golden-slot.pro.

12.2. Until you have received the confirmation that your account is terminated, you are responsible for any account activity in the period starting from the moment of sending the e-mail to us until the moment when your account is completely deleted by the Company.

12.3. Casino Golden-Slot may charge a commission or any outstanding amount that a player owes prior to closing the account. If the account is deleted, blocked on a permanent basis, or cancelled, the funds and other items (in particular, bonuses, points, et cetera) contained in the account at the moment of the account’s termination will not be returned or otherwise settled,unless otherwise expressly stated by Casino Golden-Slot administration.

12.4. Based on these Terms, no Party shall have any obligations to the other Party if your account is terminated.

12.5. The Company has the right to terminate your account (including your username and password) immediately without prior notice, if:

12.5.1. we decided to terminate rendering Services in general or, in particular, to you for any reasons;

12.5.2. your account is in any way related to any deleted account;

12.5.3. your account is related to existing blocked accounts, we may terminate your account irrespective of the nature of such relations, and we may also block the registration details on the aforementioned accounts. Except for cases provided herein, upon termination any balance on your account will be returned to you within a reasonable time upon your request, after the deduction of amounts due to us;

12.5.4. you are trying to crack the system or participate in collusion;

12.5.5. you interfere with or try to manipulate the software;

12.5.6. you use your account for purposes, which are illegal according to the country's valid legislation, for example, you are trying to access the Website in a jurisdiction where gambling is prohibited;

12.5.7. you publish offensive or harmful information on the Website.

12.6. your account remains inactive for a continuous period of 6 (six) months or more. In this case, we may close or suspend your account without notice. In the event of such closure, the Terms will be automatically terminated from the date on which such termination takes effect.

12.7. We may close your account and cancel the Terms by sending you an e-mail notification (or advance notification) to the address specified in the contact information. In the event of any such termination, except in situations when such closure and termination of the Terms was made pursuant to paragraph 10 or paragraph 15 of these Terms, we shall refund the amount available on your account. If we are unable to contact you, funds will be transferred to the Company or the authorities.

13. Changes on the Website

13.1. We reserve the right to change or to add any Services offered at our Website at our own and sole discretion, in order to maintain and update the Website.

14. System failures

14.1. In case of any system failure or error during the game (failure of normal operation of the game logics for any reason), the Company will do its best to fix the problem. We are not liable for any failure of IT software and hardware due to the operation of the equipment used by you or other users for accessing the Website, as well as for your or other players' Internet provider failures.

15. Errors or omissions

15.1. When using the Website certain circumstances may occur, when the bet was accepted or the payment was done incorrectly due to the Company’s error (for example, incorrect setting of betting conditions as the result of obvious error or omission in data input, or in the result of a computer operation failure, or our error in calculating the amount of winnings/returns due to you, including the those occurred as the result of incorrect manual or automatic input).

15.2. The Company reserves the right to limit or to cancel any bet.

15.3. If you used the winnings, which were incorrectly transferred into your account, or transferred to you for placing the future bets or gaming and were a result of any error, we may cancel bets and/or winnings, which you may get using such funds, and if we have already paid you for such bets or games, such funds shall be deemed transferred to you for trust management, and you shall return such funds to us immediately upon request.

15.4. Neither we (including our employees or agents), nor our partners or suppliers shall be liable for any loss including the loss of winnings that results from any your or our error.

15.5. The Company and its licensees, distributors, subsidiaries, affiliates, staff and managers are not liable for any loss or damages which may be caused to you by the interception or incorrect use of any information transmitted via Internet.

16. Limitation of our liability

16.1. You agree that it is up to you to choose whether to use the Services or not, and you make the choice at your sole discretion and at your own risk.

16.2. The Website is operated according to the Terms presented on the Website. We do not make any other statements and warranties with regard to the Website or Services offered on the Website, and hereby exclude any further liability (to the extent provided by the law) in terms of any implied warranties.

16.3. The Company bears no responsibility for contracts, breach of law, negligence, any damage or losses, including, but not limited to, the loss of data, revenues, prestige, reputation, as well as any losses, which may not be foreseen by us at the present moment. The Company is not liable for the content of any websites, which may be accessed through the Website.

17. Breach of conditions

17.1. You agree to compensate us any risks, responsibility, costs and expenditures (including legal costs), as well as any other costs which may occur as the result of your breaching the Terms.

17.2. You agree to fully indemnify, defend and hold the Company's interests, its white label partners and their respective companies and their respective officers, managers and employees harmless on demand from and against all claims, demands, damages, losses, costs and expenses, including legal fees and any other charges whatsoever, occurred for any reason, that may arise as a result of:

17.2.1. breach of the terms by you;

17.2.2. breach of the law or any third parties’ rights by you;

17.2.3. use of access to the Services by another individual, using your identification details, with your authorization or without it;

17.2.4. receipt of any such winnings.

17.3. If you violate the Terms, we reserve the right, but do not undertake the obligation to:

17.3.1. send you a notice (using your contact details) that you violate the Terms and a demand to withdraw from doing so;

17.3.2. suspend your account, making you unable to place bets or play games on the Website;

17.3.3. close your account with or without a prior notice;

17.3.4. withdraw the amount of any payouts, bonuses or winnings which you have acquired as a result of any major breach from your account.

17.4. We reserve the right to disable your username and your password if you fail to comply with any of the provisions of these Terms.

18. Intellectual property rights

18.1. The content of the Website is subject to copyright and other proprietary rights either owned by the Company or used under the license from third party right owners. All downloadable or printable materials contained on the Website may be downloaded only to a single personal computer and may be printed exclusively for personal and non-commercial use.

18.2. Under no circumstances shall the use of the Website grant any user any intellectual property rights (for example, copyright, know-how or trademarks) owned by the Company or by any third party.

18.3. Any use and reproduction of the trade names, trademarks, logo, and other creative materials represented on the Website, is prohibited.

18.4. You will bear sole responsibility for any damage, costs or expenses arising out of or in connection with any prohibited activities. You must notify the Company immediately upon becoming aware of any prohibited activities, performed by any person, and shall provide the Company with reasonable assistance in any investigations it may conduct in connection with the information provided by you in this respect.

19. Your personal details

19.1. We have to fulfill the personal data security requirements in the way the Company uses any personal data collected during your visiting the Website. That is why we take our obligations in relation to the way we use your personal information very seriously. The Company shall process any personal data provided by you in strict accordance with the security policy.

19.2. By providing us with you data, you agree with our right to process your personal data for the purposes described by the Website administration in the Terms and in order to observe legal or regulatory requirements.

19.3. Our policy is not no disclose any personal data to anyone except for our employees, for which such access to your personal data is required for rendering Services to you.

19.4. We will store copies of all correspondence (including copies of all e-mails) received from you in order to keep the right record of data provided by you.

20. Use of cookies on the website

20.1. The Company uses ”cookies” files in order to ensure functionality of the Website. A cookie is a small text file that is placed on your computer when you visit the website, which allows us to recognize you when you come back to the Website. More information about deleting or controlling cookies is available at www.aboutcookies.org. Please note that deleting our cookies or disabling them may disable your access the certain sections of the Website or prevent you from using certain functions of the Website.

21. Complaints and notifications

21.1. If you wish to make complaint with respect to the Website, you will first of all have to contact our customer support with regard to your claim as soon as possible.

21.2. If any dispute arises, you agree that the records on the server will be used as the final evidence for determining the result of any such claim.

21.3. You acknowledge that the result of games on the Website is determined by the random number generator, which randomly generates events and you accept the results of all games. If there are some discrepancies between the game results on your computer and the results on our server, the results on our server shall be final and binding. If there is any discrepancy between your on-screen display and the balance in your account, the balance held on the Company’s server is deemed to be the balance in your account and this determination shall be final and binding. You will lose any amounts shown to be in your account that result from human error or technical failure.

22. Interpretation

22.1. The initial text of the Terms is written in English and it shall be interpreted based on the initial English version. If the Terms or other documents and notifications related to it are translated into another language, the English version shall prevail.

23. Assignment of rights and liabilities

23.1. We reserve the right to transfer, assign and sublicense or pledge the Terms, partially or in whole, to any person (without your consent) provided that such assignment will be made with the same conditions or conditions, at least as beneficial for you as the present Terms.

24. Force Majeure

24.1. The Company will not be liable or responsible for any failure to perform or delay in performance of any of our obligations under the Terms caused by events outside our reasonable control, including, but not limited to, the acts of God, wars, civil commotions, interruption in public communications networks or services, industrial dispute or DDOS-attacks and similar Internet attacks that may have an adverse effect (”Force Majeure”).

24.2. Our activity shall be deemed suspended for the period the force majeure event and we will have an extension of time to perform our obligations. We will use our reasonable resources to eliminate such force majeure event or to find a way by which the Company obligations could be performed despite such force majeure event.

25. Waiver

25.1. If we failed to make you fulfill any of your obligations, or we may not exercise any of our rights or legal protection rights, this shall not constitute a waiver of such rights or legal protection means, and does not relieve you from such obligations.

25.2. Our waiver to exercise any of our obligations shall be effective only if made in official form and delivered to you in written form in accordance with the abovementioned provisions.

26. Separability of the agreement

26.1. If any provisions of the Terms become invalid, illegal or to any extent lose its legal force, such definition, condition or provisions shall be separated from other provisions, conditions and definitions, which remain in legal force to the fullest extent, as provided by the law. In such cases the invalid part shall be changed in accordance with the applicable law in order to reflect the initial purpose of such provisions.

27. Legislation and jurisdiction

27.1. These Terms shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Curacao. You irrevocably submit the exclusive (sole) jurisdiction over any disputes (including, claims for compensation and counterclaims), which may arise in connection with the creation, effect, interpretation, or action, or legal relations under the Terms, to the courts of the Curacao.

28. Refund terms

28.1. A refund request can only be considered if it is requested within the first twenty-four (24) hours after the date of the transaction if the funds have not been used on the site. Also, a request for a refund can be considered within thirty (30) days if the User claims the transaction was made by a person under the age of eighteen (18) or a third party. Such a refund can be considered only if there is direct evidence of the fact that the deposit was made by third parties.

28.2. Golden-Slot Casino reserves the right to refuse to return any funds or reverse transaction until the User's identity is verified and the payment method for which the refund has been requested have been verified. You agree that, for purposes of such verification, Golden-Slot Casino may request proper identification and/or proof of ownership of the payment method that was used for the deposit. If the documents are not provided by the user within five (5) days from the date of the request, we reserve the right to close the account and withhold the funds that were in the gaming account. Please, contact our online support service by sending an e-mail to: support@golden-slot.pro

29. Reference links

29.1. The Website may contain links to other websites, which are outside the Company’s control and are not specified in the Terms. The Company shall not be liable for the contents of any third party websites, their owners’ action or omissions, for the advertisement and sponsorship of the third parties. Hyperlinks to other websites are given for reference purposes only. You use such links at your own risk.

30. Bonus Terms

You can read more about our Bonus Terms here.